Residence Life

Friends take a picture together, c.1990

A group of women get together and take a picture.

Gibbs House interior, 1964

View of a living room in Gibbs House on February 17, 1964.

Gibbs House interior, c.1965

View of a living room in Gibbs House around 1965.

Girls hanging out, c.1994

Seven girls smile for the camera.

Girls pose in Dickinson hats, c.1995

Four girls pose in Dickinson baseball caps.

Girls ready for formal pose with a friend, c.1994

Girls in formal attire pose with a friend in a towel and robe.

Group chaos, c.1989

Seven friends pose for a picture.

Group of friends laughing, c.1983

A group of three friends stand and laugh together in one of the residence halls.

Man on the right: John Gordner ('83)

Group poses for photo, c.1986

A large group of student gather for a photo in front of a fire place in a dorm.

Guitar player rocks out, c.1986

A female student strums a lacrosse stick like a guitar with her hair covering her face.

Gumby, c.1989

Georgi Kaufman poses with an inflatable Gumby.

Halloween, c.1989

Five friends pose in their costumes at the Whole Earth House.

Jack McMahon is on the far right, with his roommate and "date", Ed Weber

Halloween, c.1993

David Snider (left) and Joe Fiorill pose with carved pumpkins.

Halloween glasses, c.1992

A student wears Halloween-themed glasses and smiles.

Hallway pose, c.1993

A girl strikes a pose and smiles.

Hallway push-up, c.1984

A student does a push-up in a dorm hallway.

Hanging out in the Dorms, c.1994

Six boys hang out in the dorm rooms.

Happy couple, c.1993

A well-dressed pair pose for a photo.

Hat and sunglasses, c.1989

A student smiles as they sit on a bed in a dorm.

Holiday party, c.1989

View of two girls in fancy dresses at a holiday party.

Jamming, c.1984

Several students play guitar.

Jennie Taylor's room, c.1890

View as Jennie M. Taylor (Class of 1889), Mary Evans, Mary Curran (Class of 1888) sit in Jennie's room around 1890.

Left to Right: Taylor ; Evans ; Curran

Kappa Alpha Theta, c.1989

Sarah Williamson poses in her Greek letters.

Kappa Kappa Gamma sister dances, c.1990

A member of the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma dances. 

Kappa Sigma house, 1932

The brothers and pledges of Kappa Sigma pose for a photograph with their house in October 1932.


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