Residence Life

Drayer Hall entrance hall, c.1955

Students in the entrance hall of Drayer Hall around 1955.

Drayer Hall front desk, c.1955

Students working at the front desk of Drayer Hall around 1955.

Drayer Hall lounge, c.1980

Students watching TV in the Drayer Hall lounge around 1980.

Drayer Hall second floor lounge, 1952

View of students in the second floor lounge of Drayer Hall in 1952.

Drayer Hall Sharp lounge, 1952

Students sitting in the Sharp lounge, which was located on the main floor of Drayer Hall in 1952.

Drayer Hall side lounge, c.1955

Two students in the side lounge of Drayer Hall around 1955.

Dress up, c.1989

Victoria (Tori) Larson sports a Russian, fur hat, in front of a United Kingdom flag.

East College Room 14, c.1915

William H. Robinson (Class of 1915) and Frank Y. Jaggers (Class of 1915) sit in Room #14 in East College around 1915.

Eating Club, c.1880

The eating club gathers for a feast around 1880.

Eating Club, 1893

The eating club poses for a photograph at one of its events in 1893.

Standing: A. Coleman Sheets ('97), H. Boyer, R. Vale, Cornelius Eby Vanderbilt ('93), D. Wilson Hollinger ('98), Edward Ernest Palmer ('93)

Seated: Dr. Boyer, Miller, R. Vale, William B. Boyd ('...

Eating Club, 1897

The eating club sits around a table at one of their feasts in 1897.

Face masks, c.1992

Three girls in blue face masks smile for the camera.

Face of a jack-o-lantern, c.1990

A student copies the silly face of a jack-o-lantern. 

Fancy dress, c.1992

Three students in nice outfits pose for the camera.

Fancy trio, c.1993

Three students in dresses embrace and smile.

Left: Cathy Oh ('93) ; Center: Wendy Sutton ('93)

Five friends, c.1992

Five friends smile for a photo in a dorm room.

Five friends in a dorm, c.1992

Five friends sit on a bed and pose for the camera.

Five students pose, c.1983

Five students pose while wearing matching t-shirts and making a symbol with their hands. 

Bottom left to right: Cynthia Lefever ; Jan Kaufmann ('83) ; Dawn Potts

Flappers, c.1992

Two students, dressed in 20's flapper style costumes, sit on a bed.

Flash photography, c.1992

A student makes a serious face as the camera's flash lights up.

Formal attire, c.1989

Two students in formal attire in a dorm room.

Left to Right: Rob Walsh '89 ; Mark Buehlman '89

Four friends hanging out, c.1983

A group of four Kappa Kappa Gamma sisters pause to take a picture together.

Left to Right:Dawn Potts ('83) ; Jennifer Homnick ('83) ; Cynthia Lefever ('83) ; Cathy Phillips ('83)

Four friends smile, c.1994

Four friends smile for the camera.

Four students, c.1989

Four students pose in flowery dresses.

Four students in a dorm room, c.1994

Four girls smile for the camera in a dorm room.

Right:  Lindsey Dickinson ('94)


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