Arthur Edward Arnold II, 1950

Arthur Edward Arnold II is a member of the Class of 1950.

John Arnold, 1922

John Arnold is a member of the football team in 1922.

Leon Eugene Arnold, 1954

Leon Eugene Arnold is a member of the Class of 1954.

Antonio Andrea Arrighi, 1865

Antonio Andrea Arrighi is a member of the Class of 1865.

Art class

Professor Pusey gives advice to members of his art class in spring 1958.

Art show at Homecoming, 1982

View of an art show during Homecoming in fall 1982.

Arthur Duel in his car, 1958

Arthur B. Duel III ('59) sits in his 1955 Austin Healey 100 outside Morgan Hall in fall 1958.  The field looking northwest across High Street is the future site of McKenney Hall.

Leo Asbell, 1932

Leo Asbell poses for a graduation photo on June 6, 1932.

Milton B. Asbell, 1937

Milton B. Asbell is a member of the Class of 1937.

Leon DeBournville Ashcraft, 1887

Leon DeBournville Ashcraft is a member of the Class of 1887.

Leon DeBournville Thomas Ashcroft, 1887

Leon DeBournville Thomas Ashcroft is a member of the Class of 1887.

Alexander McClure Ashley, 1894

Alexander McClure Ashley is a member of the Class of 1894.

Asleep, c.1983

A student falls asleep on the coach while another sits with him. 

Left: Jeanne Yingst ('83)

Aston Albert Howard, 1932

Albert Howard Aston is a member of the Class of 1932.

Astronomy Class, 1990

Professor Robert Boyle teaches his astronomy class in the Charles M. Kanev Planetarium in May 1990.

Astronomy Class in the Planetarium, c.1990

Professor Robert J. Boyle shows his astronomy class how the planetarium machinery works.

Jacob Thurman Atkins,1906

Jacob Thurman Atkins is a member of the Class of 1906.

Autumn, c.1988

A group of five poses for a photo on campus.

Walter Edmund Avery, 1875

Walter Edmund Avery is a member of the Class of 1875.

Avoiding a Tackle, c.1940

A Dickinson football player avoids an opponent's tackle in a circa 1940 game.

Avoiding Capture, 1951

A live-action shot of a football player avoiding capture during a 1951 football game.

Frank Asbury Awl, Jr., 1894

Frank Asbury Awl, Jr., a member of the Class of 1897, as a student in 1894.

Baccalaureate, 1981

A student receives some help in getting ready for Baccalaureate on May 16, 1981.

Baccalaureate, 1985

A group of students gather with their families after the Baccalaureate on May 18, 1985.

Baccalaureate, 1987

A group of students look at their Baccalaureate programs on May 16, 1987.


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