Prep School seniors, 1903

Prep School seniors, 1903

Members of the Class of 1903 at Dickinson College Preparatory School in 1903. 

First row from left to right: Edwin LeRoy Keene ('07), Edward Wesley Hallowell ('07), Charles Percival Lingle ('07), Elmer Thomas McCready ('07), Eva Ester Cass ('07), Esther Ellen Piper ('07), Pearl Namsfield Reddig ('07), Ada Mary Filler ('07), John Dorsey Alcock ('07), and Russel Bixler.

Second row from left to right: Willard Logan Amthor ('07), Austin Boyarly Conn, Harry Walter Gill ('07), Florence Irene Ralston ('07), [unknown], Mary Elliott Hoover ('07), [unknown], Watson Gienger ('07), and Leon Adams McIntire ('07).

Third row from left to right: James William Loose, John Howard Klingstine, Charles Mullin Steese, John Roscoe Greybill ('07), B. Leroy Plank, George Alfred Kline ('07), William B.L. Drawbaugh ('07), and Charles Bruce Derick ('07).

Fourth row from left to right: [unknown], [unknown], Daniel Harmon, George W. Peffer ('07), Alfred Knowles Brandriff ('07), William Henry Michaels ('07), and Richard William Myers ('07).

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