Dickinson Alumnus, November 1923

Selected Highlights from this Issue: 
  • The Alumni Association of Dickinson College reorganized and adopted a new constitution.
  • The College Band performed wearing new Dickinson uniforms for the first time at Island Park in Harrisburg in the game against Gettysburg.
  • Conway W. Hillman (class of 1873) shared his recollections of the Confederate bombardment of Carlisle and Dickinson College during the Civil War in 1863. 
  • J. Banks Kurtz (class of 1893) was elected to the House of Congress Representatives.
  • Joseph K. Lightner became the head Football coach after Athletic director B. Russell Murphy resigned.
  • The old College Chapel in Old West became Memorial Hall, which honored those Dickinsonians who served in World War I. 
  • Professor Franklin T. Baker (class of 1885) celebrated his thirty first year teaching English at the Teachers College at Columbia University.