Dickinson Alumnus, September 1936

Selected Highlights from this Issue: 
  • Railroad tracks on High Street in Carlisle were removed and rerouted north of town. 
  • Lemuel Towers Appold (class of 1882)  bequeathed one-half of his estate to Dickinson, which was the largest in the College's history. 
  • Dean M. Hoffman (class of 1902) was elected Phi Delta Theta national president. 
  • Whitfield J. Bell (class of 1935) discussed the Belles Lettres Literary Society's 150 year history. 
  • Delaware Republicans nominated Harry L. Cannon (class of 1899) and George C. Hering Jr. (class of 1917) for Governor and Lieutenant-Governor, respectively. 
  • King Edward VIII honored Dr. J. Roy Strock (class of 1903), Head of the Andhra Christian College in India, with the Kaiser-i-Hind medal, first class.