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Report from Treasury Department on Foreign Imports (Draft)
May 1834

Treasury Secretary Roger Brooke Taney writes this report in response to a request from the United States Senate. Secretary Taney's report includes the amount of duties on foreign imports accrued in the first quarter of 1834, how those numbers compare to previous years, and whether the initial...

Location: I-SpahrB-1970-2

Subject: Economics and Finance, Politics and Government

Format: Reports

Time Period: 1820-1839

Report from John Durbin to John Rhoads
February 15, 1836

Dickinson College President John P. Durbin sends Rev. John Rhodes a report on the conduct of Joseph Clubine Rhodes (Class of 1838). The report lists the number of times that Joseph has been absent from his literary exercises, prayers, and public worship. Durbin also adds a note about a bill for...

Synopsis of the Birds of Pennsylvania compiled by Spencer F. Baird
June 10, 1839

"Synopsis of the Birds of Pennsylvania" compiled by Spencer F. Baird from John James Audubon, Alexander Wilson, and Nuttal in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Includes sections on land and water birds.

Location: I-Original-1839-4

Subject: Science and Technology

Format: Reports

Time Period: 1820-1839

List of Carlisle Birds Compiled by Spencer Baird
December 1840

Spencer Fullerton Baird compiles a "List of the Birds of the United States (from Aububon), prefixed to which is a List of the Birds found near Carlisle, Pennsylvania" The document contains the type of bird, time when first shot, and "when known."

Location: I-Original-1840-2

Subject: Carlisle and Cumberland County, Science and Technology

Format: Reports

Time Period: 1840-1859

Report of Henry Clay’s speech on the Webster-Ashburton Treaty by Unknown Author

This report by an unknown author discusses and provides a summary of the key points in Senator Henry Clay's speech on the Webster-Ashburton Treaty. This report notes how "[Clay] believed in the sincerity of the professions of the British Govt" and that "nothing but the greatest evil could result...

Location: I-SpahrB-1950-2

Subject: International Affairs, Military Affairs and Conflict, Politics and Government

Format: Reports

Time Period: 1840-1859

"General Directions for Collecting and Preserving Objects of Natural History" by Spencer Baird
circa 1848

Spencer F. Baird (Class of 1840), the Assistant Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, publishes "General Directions for Collection and Preserving Objects of Natural History" in 1848. Baird, who is responsible for the Natural History Department, also includes an overview ("Special Desiderata...

Location: I-Friends-1975-18

Subject: Science and Technology

Format: Letters/Correspondence, Reports

Time Period: 1840-1859

Dickinson College Report for John Harding
January 29, 1848

The report for John L. Harding, a member of the Class of 1849, includes an account of his expenses, notes on his "attention to study" and absences from classes while at Dickinson College in January 1848. Harding is taking Moral Philosophy, Mental Philosophy, Natural Sciences, Ancient Languages,...

Dickinson College Report for John Harding
December 1848

John L. Harding's (Class of 1849) report from Dickinson College in December 1848 includes details about his financial account, his grades, and a message from President Jesse T. Peck. Thomas E Sudler, who serves as Harding's patron, signed the report.  This report is addressed to a Col. George M...

Admiral Hyman George Rickover's Assessment of Three Mile Island
November 19, 1983

“An Assessment of the GPU Nuclear Corporation Organization and Senior Management and Its Competence to Operate TMI-1” by Admiral H. G. Rickover. The report provides an assessment of and recommendations for Three Mile Island following the accident at the nuclear reactor.

Location: Three Mile Island Alert Collection -

Subject: Three Mile Island

Format: Reports

Time Period: 1980-1999

Report on Activities of the Women’s Center, 1984-85
May 30, 1985

The Women's Center Executive Committee writes President Samuel A. Banks and reports on the activities of the Women's Center during the 1984-85 academic year. This report highlights the discussions on the role of Women's Studies in the liberal arts curriculum, collaboration with other on-campus...


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