Tweedie Nisbet, Anne

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Letters from Wilhelmina Nisbet to Charles Nisbet

Wilhelmina Nisbet, the Countess of Leven, writes five letters to Dickinson President Charles Nisbet in which she speaks of the health of her family and disapproves of Nisbet's new position at Dickinson College. "I still think you have been hurried off this stage which I do most sincerely regret...

Letters from Wilhelmina Nisbet to Charles Nisbet

Wilhelmina Nisbet, the Countess of Leven, writes three letters to Charles Nisbet a series of letters regarding religious affairs in the United States and Great Britain as well as Nisbet's position at President of Dickinson College. One "young gentleman" reported, as Wilhelmina explains, that "...

Letter from Charles Keith to Anne Nisbet
July 11, 1805

Charles Keith writes to Anne Nisbet regarding the death of her husband. "One of the best of Men is forever lost to his Friends and Mankind," as Keith observes. Keith also explains his decision to write Monody to the Memory of the Rev. Dr Charles Nisbet and asks that the Nisbet family "...

Location: I-TurnbullM-undated-1

Subject: Literary Pursuits, Personal and Family Life

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1800-1819

"Genealogy of the Descendants of Charles Nisbet: First President of Dickinson College," by R. Wallace White

Ralph Wallace White provides 21 charts that trace the genealogy of Charles Nisbet's descendants.

Location: DC 1929 W587g

Subject: Genealogy and Family History

Format: Books and Pamphlets

Time Period: 1980-1999

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