Bicentennial Plate, 1972

Dickinson College Bicentennial Plate from September 1972.

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 00472

Location: Shelf 26

Subject: Commemorative Plates, Anniversaries, Bicentennial, West College (Old West), Plate

Format: Glassware/Ceramics

Bowl and Plate

A white china bowl with matching plate. Both feature the college seal in red.

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 00266

Location: Shelf 21 (housed with AC 00001, AC 00045, AC 00265, AC 00600, AC 00683)

Subject: Dishes, Plate, Bowl

Format: Glassware/Ceramics

Dickinson College plate

White stoneware plate, nine inches in diameter, with the Dickinson College Seal in red at the top.

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 00506

Location: Shelf 26

Subject: College Seal, Plate

Format: Glassware/Ceramics

John Dickinson's Mansion Plate

Ceramic plate with gold border and center view of the John Dickinson mansion in blue.

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 00255

Location: Shelf 24 (housed with AC 00263, AC 00264)

Subject: Plate

Format: Glassware/Ceramics

Pewter Plate with College Seal

A medium-sized Pewter Plate with a Dickinson College seal on one side. It was given to Philip Capice (Class of 1952).

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 2016.4_17

Location: Shelf 40 (Box 4)

Subject: Commemorative Plates, Plate, College Seal

Format: Glassware/Ceramics

Pewter Platter with College Seal

A silver pewter metal plate with scalloped edges and a pewter replica of the college seal placed off center on the bottom of the plate. The manufactorer's mark is stamped on the back of the plate. This object belonged to Velva Diven Daihl, class of 1927. 

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 2012.6_10

Location: Shelf 34

Subject: Plate

Format: Miscellaneous

Plate from Lord Mayor of London's War on Want Campaign, 1967

A white china plate with gold and black trim with a crest in gray, red and yellow above a design in the center of the plate. The design features the text "Lord Mayor's Challenge The Absent Guest The War on Want" within a black circle. On the back is the maker's information in red that reads "LIVERPOOL ROAD ENGLAND POTTERY LTD. STOKE ON TRENT". This item belonged to Thomas Edward Munce, Jr., class of 1939. 

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 2005.5_1

Location: Shelf 34

Subject: China, Plate

Format: Glassware/Ceramics

Plate, 1963

Silver plate with ornate borders and inscription "Dr. Prinz/A Dedicated Man/Respectfully Economics 74/Dickinson 7-26-63." Dr. Arthur Max Prinz was a Professor of Economics from 1948 to 1966.

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 00251

Location: Shelf 26

Subject: Commemorative Plates, Plate

Format: Miscellaneous

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