Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, April 3, 1985

Student Affairs and Services Committee develops noise policy to be adopted on a trial basis. Director of Admission Larry Mench points to 12% application rate increase among high school students interested in Dickinson. Community service performed by sororities and fraternities highlighted. Priestley Award goes to Harold P. Furth, director of the Plasma Physics Laboratory at Princeton for his work in the physics of nuclear fusion. Isidor Isaac Rabi named commencement speaker. Dickinsonian editorial staff criticizes commencement practices; calls for greater senior involvement, decries use of the event as kick-off for subsequent yearly College themes. Mamet receives Arts Award in recognition of his stage-successes, commitment to teaching. Dance Theatre Group performance lauded. "West Side Story" to be presented by Dickinson Follies, excitement high. Professor of English Sharon O'Brien releases biography of Willa Cather entitled "Willa Siebert Cather: the Emerging Voice." Dickinson Baseball successful in season opener, Softball falls to Muhlenberg. Women's tennis successful in first to contests, Men's tennis loses to Franklin & Marshall.

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