Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, December 9, 1966

At its monthly meeting, faculty members make policy changes regarding sorority rush, course offerings and fraternity/sorority discrimination. Board of Trustees agrees to reevaluate architecture proposal after a day-long meeting. Arthur Platt, Executive Assistant to the President, and Jeffrey Baron, Chairman of the Committee for Better Architecture, discuss their views on the architecture dispute. The December 5 Student Senate meeting is overviewed. Bologna program reviewed in part by participant Eric Rundbaken. Fraternities and faculty agree on date and rules of Greek rush. College plans to sponsor a semester of study at Rome's International Center for Classical Studies. Open Door holds campus meetings on recent issues. Professor Larry Warner urges Dickinson to enhance its cultural affairs program. Swimming team hopes to defend M.A.C. championship. Basketball team marks early 1-2 log.

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