Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, February 23, 2001

John Walsh, host of America's Most Wanted, was the keynote speaker for the Public Affairs Symposium on Crime and Punishment. Several sexual assault incidents on campus have raised public safety concerns among the Dickinson community. The Center for Public Speaking will be eliminated after this year. Congressman Curt Weldon is set to receive the Benjamin Rush Award. Five students are asked about President Durden's reason for wearing a bow-tie. Adam Ferullo writes a "good-bye" column to President Bill Clinton. Luke Fronefield writes a column about the lack of women in the community of American business leaders. The Student Senate met the week previous to discuss the activities of the Campus Activity Board and campus safety. Freshman are barred from having cars on campus. The Washington Redskins are planning a return to Dickinson for summer training camp. Dr. Joshua Goldstein gave a talk regarding his upcoming book, "Testosterone and War." 17 year old violin virtuoso Giono Schmidnt played at Rubendall Recital Hall on Feb. 15. Track wins. The opposing hockey team declined to show up for their match against Dickinson. The Centennial Conference swimming championships were held at Dickinson.