Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, February 6, 1926

Dickinson considers entering into a football conference with seven other local colleges--including Gettysburg, Franklin and Marshall, Muhlemberg, Haverford, Ursinus, and Swarthmore. Try-outs are held for the Drama Club's winter production of "the Whole Town's Talking." The Dickinson Basketball team takes its 6th stright win over the undefeated Mount Saint Mary's. A three day Bible exhibit will be held at Allison Church where B. Floyd Rinker of the English department will speek on the history of the bible. Dr. G. Whitfield Ray gave a Chapel talk about life in South America. The Athletic Committee plans to revise the way student captains are elected. The McIntire Literary Society held a special debate on  the modern girl verses the girl of yesterday. The Men's Glee Club will tour giving concerts around Pennsylvania. The Womens basketball team opens their season with a win over Gettysburg followed by a loss to Geneva.

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