Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, January 19, 1933

Dickinson's Men's Basketball team defeated by Mount St. Mary. Students elect new Athletic Association officers. Someone stole medicine from the infirmary. Sigma Tau Phi is currently winning the Interfraternity Basketball Series. Students perform "The Haunted House" mystery play. President Waugh showed off his dance skills at the Skull and Key Ball. More action taken to plan the sesquicentennial dance. Microcosm beauty contests begins. New president of the Union Philosophical Society elected. Informal Student Investigation Committee on better school spirit presented their findings. New plan to rid Dickinson of a political system (i.e. Men's Senate, class offices and the Interfraternity Council) is under consideration of a commission. A list enumerates recently stolen items from all over campus. An opinion piece defends men against women's opinions. Students commemorate the 30th anniversary of canine mascot's death. Metzger Hall's library is expanded.