Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, July 1, 1873

Commencement week is detailed. J. Richard Parkison and E. H. Conklin win Pierson Prizes in Junior oratorical contest. Class Day is detailed. First Class Spread is a success. Board of Trustees meets. Alumni Association holds annual meeting. J. W. Wetzel, G. H. Miller, J. R. Parkison, and W. L. Gooding are elected Dickinsonian editors. J. Y. Dobbins and C. F. Robbins are elected secretaries; E. F. Hilton is elected treasurer. Senior D. M. Graham holds class party. Henry Thomas wins Union Philosophical Society's sophomore oratorical contest. Jno. F. Dillon wins the Belles Lettres sophomore oratorical contest. Phi Kappa Sigma celebrates its 19th anniversary.