Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, July 12, 1968

Professors Peter J. Lardner and Marvin Meyer will run an "Upward Bound-type program" that introduces children in the Carlisle community to nature, in a program called "Adventures in the World of Plants and Animals". President Rubendall announces four changes in administration personnel. The NCAA awarded Jerry Weiner a $1,000 scholarship for his proficiency in the Discus throw. The Dickinson Fund exceeded expectations in the amount of money it raised during the school year. Stanford University introduced a computer-taught Russian class to its curriculum, and students on average performed better than those students taking the same class from a live teacher. The Newport Jazz Festival occurred for the 15th year in a row. For the second year in a row, hippies descended on the Boston Common, according to an article written by Mike Hozik. Nationally, college newspaper editors are pushing for more student input into their respective school's administrative policies. Leo Englander, the Director of Dickinson's Mail Room, reflects on his time at Yale University and Dickinson College. The first members of the Washington Redskins arrived in Carlisle on this day. Ltc. E.N. Kaplan answers some frequently asked questions about the new Selective Service Act.