Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, March 17, 1983

The faculty suspended the Nisbet Scholars program for a semester, citing the influence of the Freshman Seminar program and lack of available faculty as reasons for the suspension. Acclaimed writer Jorge Luis Borges is slated to speak at Dickinson. The 12-hour Whole Earth House Dance Marathon raised over $1,000 for cancer research. Sally Rooney, a clinical psychologist and lecturer on the presence of anorexia in American society, spoke on Monday night at an event sponsored by Effort. Dean George Allan proposed strengthening the academic curriculum at Dickinson. An editorial urges students to be aware of anorexia on campus. Frank Brennan writes an editorial defending the innocence of the makers of Tylenol after several batches of the painkiller had been laced with cyanide and used to kill seven people in Chicago. Robin Glassner reviews the Dance Theater Group's performance entitled "Short Circuit." Rich Schoener discusses the history of the partially burned desk in Denny Hall Room 206. Bill Pritchard writes a column about the fictional soothsayer "Nostradomski." The Rugby team is profiled after they split games with Salisbury State, as the B team won while the A team lost. The baseball team returns to practice outside at Biddle Field after practicing in the Kline Center through the winter. Donald Seibert is serving his last season as golf coach. The Dickinson horse riding team, the Devil Riders, competed successfully in the Princeton University Horse Show. The squash club at the college is growing.