Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, March 4, 1937

William Pearson Tolley, President of Allegheny College, gave a talk warning about the abandonment of land and a regression to wilderness, in contrast to the establishment of civilization. Clarence B. Hendrickson was given the award as All-Around Dickinsonian. The first baseball practice of the season will be held Monday. The Junior Prom included several Irish traditions, including a Blarney Stone and shamrock ceiling. The college announces a new award for good scholarship that will be awarded to multiple students. The recently published Gone with the Wind is the most popular novel in the Library. Many residents of Carlisle were present in the “Wild West” and can tell from first-hand experience what the popular movies show. The International Relations Club met to hear a talk on the problems in present day Europe. The Social Committee considers a plan to save all profits from college events and put them toward the improvement of the commencement dance. The Honors Committee announces the names of the Honors Students. Franklin and Marshall beat Dickinson in basketball. It was the last home game of the year. Dickinson beat Gettysburg in a swim meet at Gettysburg.