Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, May 6, 1970

Students vote to strike in protest of the "ever-widening war in Indochina," specifically the expansion of U.S. troops into Cambodia and the resumption of U.S. bombing of North Vietnam. They will strike for an indefinite period and students will gather for a review in two days. A Referendum survey is also published for all students to fill out. Students receive a permit for a march past the War College. Some 75 students block the main entrances to Denny Hall while the planning committees meet. President Rubendall will call a faculty meeting to discuss student anti-war strikes. A special insert is included that states the Referendum has concluded to continue the strike. Definite plans for the rally march past the War College are given. Students will also have to opportunity to participate in a mass march of college students on the White House.

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