Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, November 19, 1954

The Mermaid Players announce their next production. "Our Town" will be performed December 1, 2 and 3 in Bosler Hall. The Aquatic Club is performing later this evening their interpretation of popular children's stories. The entire production is student produced from scenery and lights to costumes and publicity. The Alumni Council agreed to take action on athletic policies as requested by students in the previous issue of the Dickinsonian with the support of the Board of Trustees. The Student Christian Association, in conjunction with the community, will be holding a clothing drive for Korea. Construction begins on the new men's dormitory (Morgan Hall) on Rush Campus, joining the recently built Drayer Hall. It will have four floors and will house the dining hall. The next building project will hopefully be a student activities center which will be used by the student body and their organizations. There is no loan available to help with the project because of the new dormitory, so President Edel is advising students to form a committee to fund-raise for the building themselves. It is estimated that this will be a three-year fundraiser. The fraternity pledge period officially ends with the Pledge Formal event. The football team claims its second and final victory of the season, beating Johns Hopkins.

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