Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, November 21, 1940

Student Senate organizes a pep rally for the big game against Gettysburg in response to the noticeable lack of spirit by students in the recent past. The head librarian at Dickinson, May Morris, suffers a fall from the library stairs, leaving her with both wrists broken and severe spine and shoulder bruises. Tau Kappa Alpha holds a meeting regarding an annual debate with interested members of various campus organizations. The All-College Social Committee begins to plan the annual doll show and makes a change in the way they acquire a band for the event which will ultimately allow them to get a better band for their money. Two freshmen saw the pole used for the traditional class scrap, making it impossible to use for this event and therefore upsetting tradition. As punishment, the Tribunal announces that all freshmen will continue following the freshman rules for the rest of the year.