Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, October 20, 1967

Campus Chest, Dickinson's only charitable organization, opens its funding drive with Luau. The student body prefers a fall delivery of the Microcosm. Faculty Frantics, led by Prof. Henry Yeagley, are scheduled to perform this night. Dickinson is set to host the regional Workshop of the United States Student Press Association. Kana Van Pelt of Fairbanks, Alaska, describes her experience in the Fairbanks flood of 1967. The ODK Leadership Conference held at Camp Shand and the Holland Union Building facilitated discussion on the Danforth Report, the 4-4-4-4 curriculum idea, a new work-study program, and the problem of student motivation within the school. Open Door, a student art center, opened its doors the previous week. Dr. Thomas A. Wassmer, philosopher from St. Peter's College, NJ, scheduled to discuss peace and war. Four musicians join Dickinson faculty to offer private instruction in violin, cello, and piano. Li San-Pao initiates a course in Chinese. Carlisle Police arrest a man accused of murder in New York at the James Wilson hotel , just off of campus. Senators Edward Brooke and Charles Percy are slated to speak at the Pennsylvania state seminar in national government to be held at Dickinson. Professors Harry Booth and William Vernon receive teaching awards. Football and cross country lose, soccer wins.