Swimming (Men's)

Leonard Ellsworth Spangler, 1959

View as Leonard Ellsworth Spangler (Class of 1959) dives into the pool.

Swim meet, c.1989

Two Dickinson swimmers point at the camera during a swim meet.

Swim team, c.1995

Members of the Men's and Women's Swim teams take a group picture. 

Swimmers dive into the pool, c.1980

Several swimmers dive into the water to start a race around 1980.

Swimmers pose for a photo, c.1987

Four members of the swim team.

Swimmers smile, c.1996

Members of the Dickinson swim team hold small bouquets of flowers after a meet.

Three Swimmers, 1973

Three members of the Men's Swim team - Mark Walters (left), Dean Armstrong (right), and Steve Crawshaw (front) - in 1973.

Two members of the swim team smile, c.1985

Two members of the swim team smile and take a picture together.

Two Swimmers, 1979

An action shot from the 1979 swimming season.

David Paul Wentzel, 1951

View as David Paul Wentzel (Class of 1951) prepares to dive into the pool. 

John Winfield, 1964

John Winfield is the team captain and 50 yard freestyle Champion for the 1963-1964 season.


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