1996 Senior Slideshow

Birthday cake, c.1996

A student laughs as she prepares to blow out the candles on her birthday cake.

Five students, c.1996

Five students in dress shirts and ties at a Sigma Alpha Epsilon event.

Left to Right: John McCullough ; Dave Galgon ; Brian Lynch ; Jamie Larose ; Brian McMahon

Five students outside, c.1996

Five students at an event on campus.

Five students smile, c.1996

A group of students smile.

Four friends embrace, c.1996

Three friends hug a new Kappa Alpha Theta member.

Left to Right: Courtney Short '96 ; Callie Carbaugh '96 ; Liz McCauley '96 ; [unknown]

Four students at a formal, c.1996

Four students pose for a photo at a formal.

Far left: Cindy Harrison '96

Far right: Marisa Lewis '96

Four students at an event, c.1996

Four students in casual attire smile during an event. 

Four students laugh, 1996

A group of students in formal dresses laugh at an event held at some point before Commencement in May 1996.

Left to Right: Cindy Harrison '96 ; Liz McCauley '96 ; Courtney Short '96 ; Laura Scattergood '96

Four students smile, c.1996

Four students in black dresses and pearls smile for a photo.

Fraternity brothers, c.1996

A group of fraternity brothers in formal attire attend an event.

Friends laugh, c.1996

A group of four female students laugh as snow falls around them.

Friends laugh, c.1996

Two male students laugh.

Friends on the water, c.1996

Four female students sit at the river Thames.

Friends pose, c.1996

A group of female students pose on the academic quad.

Friends pose, c.1996

Four female students, one in Pi Beta Phi letters, smile for a photo.

Friends relax at a formal, c.1996

Three students sit and unwind at a formal function.

Friends relax during a hike, c.1996

Several friends relax during a hike.

Friends sit in sunshine, c.1996

A group of friends sit outside and enjoy the sun.

Friends smile, c.1996

A group of friends pose for a photo on campus. McKenney Suites is located behind the photographer.

Friends smile in a dorm, c.1996

Four female students take a silly photo on a crowded bed.

Group of students on a couch, c.1996

A group of students squeeze on a couch.

Friends gather, c.1996

A group of female students pose for a photograph.

Group poses on a rock, c.1996

Students pose for a photo on a rock.

Group smiles, c.1996

A group of five students in formal attire.

Kappa Alpha Theta members, 1993

Four members of Kappa Alpha Theta pose for a photo during pledge night in fall 1993.

Third from left: Liz McCauley '96


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