McCauley Collard, Elizabeth

Four friends embrace, c.1996

Three friends hug a new Kappa Alpha Theta member.

Left to Right: Courtney Short '96 ; Callie Carbaugh '96 ; Liz McCauley '96 ; [unknown]

Four students laugh, 1996

A group of students in formal dresses laugh at an event held at some point before Commencement in May 1996.

Left to Right: Cindy Harrison '96 ; Liz McCauley '96 ; Courtney Short '96 ; Laura Scattergood '96

Kappa Alpha Theta members, 1993

Four members of Kappa Alpha Theta pose for a photo during pledge night in fall 1993.

Third from left: Liz McCauley '96

Kappa Alpha Theta members, 1993

Three students pose for a photo as they rush Kappa Alpha Theta during pledge night in fall 1993.

Left to Right: Laura Scattergood '96 ; Cindy Harrison '96 ; Liz McCauley '96

Wheel and Chain, 1995

Members of Wheel and Chain, including Elizabeth McCauley and Michelle Lang, during Commencement weekend on May 20, 1995.

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