Phi Kappa Sigma

Phi Kappa Sigma reunion, c.1895

Several early Phi Kappa Sigma members pose for a photo on the steps of West College during a reunion around 1895.

Horatio Collins King ('58) is sitting on the front step. Other alumni include Professor Charles Francis Himes ('55), John Tucker ('55), and James Watters ('56).

Phi Kappa Sigma, trip to Dillsburg, 1908

Members of Phi Kappa Sigma take a group photograph during a trip to Dillsburg, Pennsylvania on October 14, 1908.

Charles Robinson and Ira Pimm, 1917

View as Charles A. Robinson (Class of 1920) and Ira S. Pimm (Class of 1919) stand outside the Phi Kappa Sigma house in May 1917.

Six girls wear the Phi Kappa Sigma letters, c.1983

Six girls wear the letters of the Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity.

Six Students, c.1863

Posed shot of six students, identified as Admiral B. P. Lamberton (Class of 1862), Henry Clay Speake (Class of 1865), S. Townsend Armstrong (Class of 1863), James Buchanan Bowman (Class of 1865), James Lanius Himes (Class of 1865), and an individual with the surname Wilson.

Four of the...

Two Phi Kappa Sigma brothers study, 1964

Two member of Phi Kappa Sigma study in their dorm room in 1964.


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