Goldstein, Hyman

Football Team, 1912

The 1912 football team takes a posed picture.

First row: Robert L. Potts, Hyman Goldstein, Werner Steinaker, Rippey T. Shearer, Sylvester V. Pauxtis

Second row: Heister R. Hornberger, J. Paul Brown, William D. Watkins, Francis A. Dunn (Captain), Joseph Z. Hertzler...

Football Team, 1917

The 1917 football team poses here for a picture.

First row: Fred A. Puderbaugh, Leslie A. Bowes, Joseph J. Wertacnik, Hyman Goldstein, W. Elwood Swope (Captain), Robert P. Masland, Thomas F. Healey, Donald B. Rockwell, Walter J. Glowa

Second row: Richard H....

Hyman Goldstein, c.1965

Hyman Goldstein is a member of the Class of 1915.

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