Carnegie, Andrew

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Letter from Andrew Carnegie to Mr. Hitchcock
December 13, 1888

Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie writes Mr. Hitchcock to support the plan to build a music hall in New York City at Madison Square. Carnegie also provides advice on the site, size, and income yield of the proposed music hall. In addition, Carnegie notes that he discussed the plans with other...

Location: I-AsbellY-1976-3

Subject: Business and Industry, Visual and Performing Arts

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1880-1899

Letter from Montgomery Sellers to Augustine Birrell
September 16, 1911

Professor Montgomery Porter Sellers ('93) writes to Augustine Birrell, the Chief Secretary for Ireland, about Birrell’s claim in his book, Life of William Hazlitt, that “the presidency of [Dickinson] College” was offered to Hazlitt in 1783. Sellers, who is in the process of “collecting...

Location: I-SellersC-1964-5

Subject: Dickinson College Administration, Dickinson College History, Education

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1900-1919

Letter from Andrew Carnegie to Funk & Wagnalls Company
October 31, 1913

Andrew Carnegie writes to Funk & Wagnalls Company, a publishing company in New York City, thanking them for their gift of their new standard dictionary. "I placed the new Standard Dictionary at my side-a sure refuge in the day of trouble with our exceedingly rich but most irregular language...

Location: I-AsbellY-1976-4

Subject: Literary Pursuits

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1900-1919

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