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Arts Award program - John Cage, 1969-70

The Arts Award was established by Dickinson College in order to recognize achievements in the Arts and Humanities. Honoring Dr. William Wilcox Edel, alumnus and former president of the college, the Arts Award is bestowed upon an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in the...

Collection Inventory: PDF icon RG 9/3 - Arts Award papers

Detail of scrapbook cover (Box 1)

Robert Hale Bancroft (?-1918) was born in Beverly, Massachusetts, and was educated at Harvard Law School and the University of Bremen in Germany. His travels abroad, as well as his interests in local events in Beverly, are reflected in this scrapbook dated 1864-1901. The bulk of the scrapbook...

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Account book, 1935-1936 (Box 5, folder 4)

The collection consists of the papers of Charles Gilbert Beetem, a Carlisle, PA rug manufacturer, local historian and genealogist, amateur artist, and omnivorous collector. Diaries, manuscripts, letters, advertisements, greeting cards, and extensive runs of Philadelphia and Carlisle turn-of-the-...

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Letter, c.1910s (Box 1, folder 1)

The collection consists mainly of correspondence between Arba Blodget (1879-1949), a Philadelphia drama critic and playwright, and his wife Laura and her family. Blodget and his wife had been separated early in their marriage due to his traveling with a theater company; often their only means of...

Collection Inventory: PDF icon mc1998.02.pdf

Robert Bridges, c.1900

The Robert Bridges Papers Collection provides insight into literary works of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and reflects Bridges’ long period of work as an editor and literary critic. The collection spans a date range of 1875-1937, with large portions pertaining to the early 1890s and...

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Sermons, c.1920s-1960s (Box 5, folder 3)

This collection consists of the essays and sermons of Walter L. Crowding, Dickinson Class of 1925 and Methodist minister. Most of the essays are written upon various topics in religion, but also included are treatises on art and literature. The majority of the collection is comprised of more...

Collection Inventory: PDF icon mc2001.12.pdf

Scrapbook, pages 42-43 (Box 1)

M. Margaret Eslinger graduated from Dickinson College in 1923.  This scrapbook contains a variety of items from her time at Dickinson College and as a graduate student at Ohio State University between 1919 and 1925. Materials include letters, grade slips, school bulletins, event programs,...

Collection Inventory: PDF icon mc2013.06.pdf

Theatre materials, 1953 (Box 1, folder 22)

Lewis Daniel Gobrecht graduated from Dickinson College in 1955. This collection primarily represents his academic and extracurricular life as a student, with particular emphasis on his involvement in theatre and music activities.

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Program, 1943 (Box 1, folder 12)

The collection consists of papers pertaining to Hartigan's military career and to a proposed "Dickinson College School of International Activities." It includes correspondence with Dickinson College, foreign universities, and other institutions regarding similar plans. The collection includes...

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Collection Inventory: PDF icon pc1999.05-index.pdf

Journal, 1854 (Box 2, folder 6)

Horatio Collins King was the son of Postmaster General Horatio King and the nephew of Dickinson College President Charles Collins. A graduate of Dickinson College, class of 1858, King was admitted to the bar in 1861 and saw active service in the Civil War from 1862 until 1865. A songwriter, King...

Collection Inventory: PDF icon mc1999.09.pdf

Cup & saucer, c.1900 (Artifacts box 2, item 6)

The Elizabeth Anna Low collection contains fine china, glass plate positive photographs and other items donated by Elizabeth Anna Low, class of 1891.

Collection Inventory: PDF icon mc2002.08.pdf

Illustration, undated (Box 1, folder 17)

This collection is comprised mainly of The Spirit of Britain and Pictorial Shakespeare, two examples of illustrated manuscripts by artist Montagu Frank Modder. Also included are miscellaneous drawings of literary and historical figures, as well as printer's engraving blocks....

Collection Inventory: PDF icon mc2002.01.pdf

OC 2013.3, Folder 16

Allen C. Tanner (1898-1987) was an Illinois-born pianist. At fifteen he was awarded a scholarship to study music in Chicago. There he met Margaret Anderson, editor of the Little Review. Tanner then moved to New York City where he performed in musical salons and accompanied many musical...

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The Uses of Bibliography, Lecture II: “The Bibliographer and the Makers of the Book” (typescript), 1953

The Willoughby collection is divided into three series and housed in four document boxes. It is comprised mostly of drafts of literary works, contained in the Literary Productions series, as well as correspondence, mostly relating to his librarian work, and miscellaneous other materials. The...

Collection Inventory: PDF icon mc2011.05.pdf

Engraving of John Dickinson
May 15, 1783

Two engravings of Dickinson College founder John Dickinson. The engravings, by B.B.E., are published by R. Wilkinson in London.

Location: I-SpahrB-1959-14

Subject: Visual and Performing Arts

Format: Engravings and Illustrations

Time Period: 1780-1799

Letter from John Dickinson to George Washington
April 14, 1785

John Dickinson writes George Washington to introduce and recommend the portrait painter, Robert Edge Pine.

Location: I-SpahrB-1963-7

Subject: Visual and Performing Arts

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1780-1799

Letter from Charles Nisbet to Mary Nisbet
September 24, 1798

Charles Nisbet writes to his daughter Mary, discussing the theater in Carlisle, the Democrats, and the French.

Letter from Harriet Lane to Lily Macalester
May 4, 1854

Harriet Lane writes to Lily Macalester and discusses her voyage to London.  She will be presented to Queen Victoria later that week.  In addition, Lane notes that she attended the opera with a Mr. Peabody and sat in a box opposite of the Queen. Lane is living with her uncle, James Buchanan, who...

Letter from Harriet Beecher Stowe to Horatio Collins King
October 12, 1875

Harriet Beecher Stowe writes Horatio C. King to discuss musical compositions and to suggest changes to the Christian Union. "I want the C Union to put the public in early possession of the signal hymns of the [revival?] times," as Stowe explains. King is the editor of the Christian...

Location: I-Friends-2011-2

Subject: Religion and Spirituality, Visual and Performing Arts

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1860-1879

Engraving of Joseph Priestley Statue

Engraving by G. Stodart from the Dr. Joseph Priestley statue by J. F. Williamson, from The Art Journal (New York: D. Appleton & Co.), 3: 57.

Location: I-BassertD-2004-1

Subject: Visual and Performing Arts

Format: Engravings and Illustrations

Time Period: 1860-1879

Letter from Andrew Carnegie to Mr. Hitchcock
December 13, 1888

Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie writes Mr. Hitchcock to support the plan to build a music hall in New York City at Madison Square. Carnegie also provides advice on the site, size, and income yield of the proposed music hall. In addition, Carnegie notes that he discussed the plans with other...

Location: I-AsbellY-1976-3

Subject: Business and Industry, Visual and Performing Arts

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1880-1899

Letter from Alfred Sinnett to Esther Windust
November 21, [1891?]

Alfred Sinnett responds to Mrs. Esther Windust's question regarding a portrait of Madame Blavatsky. While he does "not possess any portraits of Madame Blavatsky taken during her youth," Sinnett suggests that Annie Besant, Bertram Keightley, and Mrs. Cooper-Oakley are "the people most likely to...

Location: I-Friends-1973-8

Subject: Personal and Family Life, Visual and Performing Arts

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1880-1899

"Influence of the World’s Fair," by C. Grant Cleaver
June 6, 1894

C. Grant Cleaver prepared this oration, entitled “Influence of the World's Fair," for the commencement ceremonies held June 6, 1894. Authoring an original speech was among the graduation requirements for Dickinson College seniors at that time. Transcript included.

Location: Orations-1894-C623i

Subject: International Affairs, Travel and Tourism, Visual and Performing Arts

Format: Speeches and Sermons

Time Period: 1880-1899

"The Value of International Expositions in the Culture of Art," by Jessie W. Hargis
June 6, 1900

Jessie Woodward Hargis prepared this oration, entitled “The Value of International Expositions in the Culture of Art," for the commencement ceremonies held June 6, 1900. Authoring an original speech was among the graduation requirements for Dickinson College seniors at that time. Transcript...

Location: Orations-1900-H279v

Subject: Education, Social Reform and Advocacy, Visual and Performing Arts

Format: Speeches and Sermons

Time Period: 1900-1919

"Mary Garden as Salome" clipping from unknown publication

This is a reproduced image of opera singer Mary Garden as Salome.

Location: MC 2013.3, B6, F12

Subject: Visual and Performing Arts

Format: Newspapers and Magazines

Time Period: 1900-1919


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