Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, April 14, 1983

Borges' scholars from across the country gather to participate witness and participate in Jorge Luis Borges' three-day Symposium at Dickinson. Joan Hoff Wilson delivered a speech on Tuesday evening regarding Watergate and its aftermath. EFFORT, or "Equality for Females: Our Rights Today," hosted the Second Annual Women's Party in an attempt to establish unity among women on campus. Dr. Kenneth Short discussed British propaganda films as a way of eliciting an Anglo-American alliance during World War II. Christine Nelson conducts an interview with Jorge Luis Borges entitled "At Breakfast with Borges." An editorial praises the student senate budget for the 1983-84 school year. A column discusses the nature of the arms race between the United States and Soviet Union. Sean Duffy writes an editorial examining the use of alcohol on Dickinson's campus. Rich Schoener reviews the Student Art Exhibition at the Trout Gallery in the Weiss Center. John Hart reviews the Follies' production of "Godspell." The Black Arts Festival will be hosted by the Congress of African Students on April 11. Professor Noel Potter recently returned from the Antarctic, where he had been studying glaciers and the effects of climate change upon the glaciers. Men's lacrosse lost Western Maryland, while women's lacrosse beat Wilson. The golf team won, while the rugby team lost to Harrisburg. Wendy Simmons wrote an article profiling the phenomenon of athletic burnout among upperclassmen athletes.