Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, February 14, 1991

PAS opens with David Gergen speaking on changes in Europe. To apply in fall, Housing Board requires fraternities to fill 75 percent of beds. Despite recession, seniors overall optimistic towards post-college success. Sen. John Heinz to give commencement address. Alexander Politkovsky speaks out against Russian media repression. A "suspicious individual" reported on campus. Sophomore Chad Crammer arrested for robbing Morgantown, PA Pizza Hut. Lack of funding delays demolition of Russian and ROTC Houses. D.A.R.E. slated to stage "Don't Mall the Trees" rally at Seven Gables Park. Professors discuss possibility of draft in lieu of Persian Gulf War. Mermaid Players' "A Little Night Music" "charms its audiences." Sponsored by Sexual Resource Group, Dr. Bill Goettel presents safe-sex talk. Photo exhibit by Stephen Katz on display. California Cafe rated favorably by Scott Bishop. Playwright Drew Miller, along with local actresses, read latest script to audience. Students take credited trip to Bahamas over Christmas. Roles of Women's Center discussed.

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