Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, February 27, 1970

The College Governance Group Proposes the creation of college committees of faculty, students, and administrators in place of present faculty committees. The Student Senate considers four options in area major and distribution requirements. SMC gains the approval of CPS, the nations largest student antiwar conference and presents President Nixon with "we won't go" petitions. A study on student participation in the Math and Philosophy departments is completed. An alternative to the present draft system is proposed by Ray Kalainidas--a nine point proposal providing for three divisions of service. Changes in campus housing are outlined with an increase in off-campus living. Associate Dean of Students Paul McQuilken completes a study to determine what makes the difference between strong, mediocre, and week fraternities academically. An overview of the workshops on pollution for PAS is given. Krassner receives positive reviews of his lecture on governmental censorship. The college will hold the Pennsylvania State Table Tennis Championships.