Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, February 3, 1983

President Sam Banks proposes 'repositioning' and increasing tuition at "State of the College" address. Ben Bova to speak at PAS. Education included in Reagan's State of Union Address, Fire at Phi Epsilon Pi Fraternity House, Exhibit of Ms. Toshiko Takaezu opens in new Trout Gallery in the Emil. R. Weiss Center for the Arts, uproar over 13.5% tuition hike, "Role of Alcohol at Dickinson" joint meeting with Alumni Council and Parents Advisory Council, events sponsored by the Russian and French clubs, history of ROTC and Dickinsonians in wartimes, Red Devils Ice hockey team loses to Franklin and Marshall Diplomats, Red Devils Men's Basketball team wins over Muhlenberg, Red Devil Women's Basketball wins against Johns Hopkins University and Notre Dame, Men and Women's Swim Teams beat Swarthmore,