Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, February 9, 1973

Trustees rescind the 60-40 male-female admissions ratio and name the newly-built dormitory after trustee Gibbs McKenney and his wife. Richard Orr is elected president of the Student Senate. Matthew Miller introduces a resolution in defense of students "in cases of alleged faculty injustices." At the Business Symposium, participants investigate a greater role for minority groups in business. Additional articles discuss other speakers from the Symposium. The Mellon Foundation contributes toward the College's Century 3 Campaign. 1773-1973: A Historical Review, the Bicentennial Faculty show, is to premiere in late February. Joseph Lipinski, Peter Sivess, and John Hopper are to be inducted into the College's Sports Hall of Fame. Leo Kottke is to perform at the College. Claudio Arrau's concert receives a glowing review. Maureen Forrester is to perform at ATS.