Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, January 14, 1937

The Belles Lettres Society draws up a new constitution and plans to elect new officers. Twelve students from Dickinson and Gettysburg came together for a luncheon, at which they discussed the relationship between the two rival schools. The Dickinsonian elects its officers for the coming year. At the University of Utah, one young lady kissed a glass slide and placed it under a microscope. Glancing into the microscope, she was made aware of all the germs on her lips, and subsequently started a kissing strike among the women, much to the anger of the university’s male population. The All-College Senate asks the Athletic Association to hold re-elections after the scandal surrounding their previous election. The newspaper room in the basement of the Library in Bosler is almost completed. The basketball team loses to Villanova. Sophomores abduct freshmen speakers from the freshman banquet as the start of the traditional inter-class struggle.