Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, June 5, 1964

Faculty determines year-end awards; Phi Beta Kappa announces awards. Donation drive to Philander-Smith College yields 400 books. Debriefing of IFC weekend as seen from Drayer Hall girls. Publicity promotes college endowment fund. It is announced that 90 graduating seniors plan to continue school. Robert Nilsson and Ernest Giglio ear PhD's. Student Nick Langhart chosen as head of Microcosm. Honorary Degrees to be granted to C.D. Jackson, Newell Snow Booth, Marchette Chute, Whitfield J. Bell, Charles Law McCabe and Leslie Davison. President appoints new faculty members. Larry Rand and Serman Winters highlighted as tennis team leaders. The baseball team defeats John Hopkins. The lacrosse squad defeats Farleigh-Dickinson.

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