Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, November 21, 1969

Deans debate how to deal with the problem of fraternity housing as housing space is limited and fraternities are not filling up their residence halls. The Social Affairs Committee proposes that fraternities be given a list of all personal to live in the house and any that do not fill their hall will be moved to a smaller residence hall. A 5 part proposal was introduced at a Policy Committee meeting to foster more open communication between students and faculty. The last two parts of the proposal are accepted so that students attending faculty meeting will receive simplified minuets from previous meetings. AIS proposes the idea of "free university" to the Carlisle area offering free classes to the public. The Board of Trustees met in 1964 to develop a ten year plan for the college and progress on the plan to date is discussed. Dr. Kavolis presents the idea that experimental art innovations are simply a response to consumer demands. Class statistics are announced. Full coverage on the "Mass March" in DC as well as Dickinson's second monthly Moratorium is given complete with a two page spread of pictures from the events. The schedule for the freshman plays is given and now consists of two different groups of plays. Asian Club holds its first meeting. Professor Bowden publishes a critical analysis on "Henry IV" part 1 for a major U.S. publishing project. In a special report, two open hearings will be held to discuss, evaluate, and propose new structuring of Dickinson's government.