Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, October 1885

The junior class decides to publish a Microcosm, the first in many years to do so.  The Jacob Tome Scientific Building is opened.  The college is taking athletics more seriously, and the number of enrolled students increases.  With the opening of the Scientific Building, Professor Himes takes up specialty in Physics instruction and Professor Lindsay in Laboratory and Chemistry instruction.  The Trustees decide that students can enter the societies without pause once they enter the college.  The Seniors defeat the Juniors in baseball on October 3 with a score of 16 to 4.  The first football game is played, with the upperclassmen winning 15 to 8.  The Freshmen beat the Sophomores in the first cane rush in many years.  A field day is planned.  New library fees and regulations are voted on by the societies.