Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, October 2, 1930

The Board of Trustees organize several series of lectures on cultural and educational topics for the Dickinson and Carlisle community. They will cover "The Makers of Europe" and "Studies of Great Men." The Sigma Chi fraternity announces at the Interfraternity Council its intent to hold a contest of both scholarship and intramural sports for fraternities to participate in. The Dramatic Club will present several one act plays during Friday chapel in addition to their usual major productions. Additionally, they will be hosting a professional Shakespeare company who will put on a showing of Macbeth. Twenty freshmen receive a hearing from the Men's Student Tribunal for violating every rule save one. The Belles Lettres Literary Society announces their upcoming series of outstanding events lecturers. Organized boxing will be making its first appearance on the Dickinson campus following football season.