Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, October 21, 1960

In this issue, the American Chemical Society announced its accreditation of Dickinson, while the Middle States Association released favorable criticism of the sciences at Dickinson. International opera singers Pierrette Alaria and Leopold Simoneau are to visit Dickinson. Student Senate endorsed a Political Awareness week. The Military Ball, thrown by Dickinson ROTC, will be held October 28. Dickinson received approval for a loan to build a new women's dormitory. The experience of a Nepalese student, Chiran Thepa, is discussed. A satirical column addressed student concerns from the point of view of a pigeon residing in Denny Hall, mostly just making fun of fraternities. An interview with Professor Gabrilovic addressed issues pertaining to the United Nations. A column discusses the "double standard" that pertains with regards to drinking at Dickinson. The loss of Dickinson's lacrosse team is discussed.