Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, October 23, 1930

Plans for Homecoming, November 15, are underway. Two recent Dickinson graduates, John Pipa and Robert Forney, take part in local politics, running for positions in Northumberland County. The freshman class revolts against the class rules system, violating every rule but wearing the dink. This is in reaction to the disciplinary actions taken by the Tribunal in the past weeks, including hair-cuttings in the week previous. The freshmen make a list of demands and send it to the Tribunal however, all of their requests are denied by student government. Two bulls are found on campus after years of a cow-free campus. Leon Prince, state senator and head of the history department, nearly escapes injury when his car catches on fire. Several fraternities and sororities hold formals, some of which are for new pledges. Donations of Dickinson artifacts are made and can be found in Old West.