Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, September 30, 1960

New method of orienting freshmen discussed. Profile of the Young Republican Club. Nineteen new faculty members welcomed to Dickinson. Library devises new system to prevent books from being stolen. Student who had studied at American University of Beirut comments on the political awareness of students abroad. Piece on the misery of freshmen. Washington Semester discussed by students. Professor Naff and two students are given a one-year research grant by the National Science Foundation. Dixieland Jazz and rock 'n roll to be featured on campus. Sixty-five students make the Dean's List. French student Roland Espezel profiled, discusses student activism and the Algerian policy. Belles Lettres Society plans to revitalize its program. Parents' Weekend planned for early October. Professor Roger E. Nelson is appointed acting dean of Dickinson for the year. Dickinson will open the fall series of its Adult Education programs. Pennsylvania State Health Department makes dishwashers mandatory, possibility of dishwashers in all dorms henceforth. Dates announced for the fraternity parties put on for freshmen. SAE to give out four awards for football. Dickinsonian plans on rehauling its section written by fraternity members, as they are largely unintelligible. New physical education instructor is profiled.

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