Women's Resource Center Newsletter (Jan. 1978)

Women's Resource Center Newsletter (Jan. 1978)
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January 1978

The Women's Resource Center Newsletter is produced by the Women's Resource Committee of Dickinson College.

Selected highlights from this issue include:

  • "Campus Food Consciences" comments on a panel held to discuss improving the food options on campus.
  • "Depression & Stress: A Growth Process" discusses Mary Ellen Rich's lecture on how depression and stress can be "positive forces". 
  • "Death and Dying: How We Cope" describes Reverend James Rimmer's session on how to cope with death and dying. 
  • "Physical Fitness and Awareness" discusses the mini-week series on the benefits of regular exercise. 
  • "Comment," by Martha Aleo, on the work of a feminist group known as Women Against Violence Against Women. 
  • "Chaplain Reist on Sexuality" discusses the Chaplain's presentation. 
  • Advice on how to limit and/or reduce one's sugar intake.
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RG 8/206, B1, F7
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