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Pyramids, c.1986

A group of students take a photo in front of Pyramids in Egypt during their semester abroad.

Red Roofs of Bologna, 1996

View of red roofs in Bologna, one of the reasons for Bologna's nickame, "The Red City."

Residents of Bologna, 1996

View as several Bologna residents ride and walk in the streets.

Riverboat on River Wensum, 1995

A riverboat sails along the River Wensum in Norwich in October 1995.

Rooftops in Bologna, 1996

View of rooftops in Bologna in 1996.

San Luca, 1996

View of San Luca, formally known as the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca, a church settled in the hills of Bologna.

Scenic lookout, c.1993

Four students sit at a scenic overlook during their study abroad experience. 

Scenic photo in Greece, c.1986

Four students studying abroad in Greece pose for a scenic photo.

Scenic view, c.1993

Three students sit and smile overseas at a scenic city overlook (possibly in Geneva, Switzerland) during their study.

Left to Right: Marc Whitmer ; Nancy Richardson ; Joe Fiorill

The Scientific Anglian in Norwich, 1995

A student looks at the Scientific Anglian's book display in Norwich in October 1995.

Sculpture sitting, c.1989

Three girls sit on a sculpture and smile.

Silly group picture, c.1993

A group of six pose, laughing, in between two pillars.

Silly photo in Italy, c.1986

Three male students pose shirtless in Italy.

Statue in Bologna, 1999

View of a statue in an archway in Bologna in 1999.

Statue of Neptune in Piazza Maggiore, 1996

A statue of Neptune, on a fountain in Piazza Maggiore, stands tall above everyone else in the square.

Steps of San Pietro, 1996

View of the steps of San Pietro in Bologna.

Street corner in Bologna, 1996

View of the corner of an "una via," which means street in Italian, in Bologna.

Street in Bologna, 1996

Two people step out into the street from under the archways in a street in Bologna in 1996.

Street in Bologna, 1996

View of a street in Bologna full of cars in 1996.

Student at the beach, c.1992

A student at the beach.

Student at University of East Anglia, 1995

A student sits on a bench outside a building on the University of East Anglia campus in October 1995.

Student drinks from a fountain in Piazza Maggiore, 1994

A student takes a drink from a water fountain in Piazza Maggiore with two other students looking on in April 1994.

Student feeds ducks and geese, 1995

View of a student feeding ducks and geese in Norwich in October 1995.

Student in Austria, c.1986

A female student poses for a scenic photo in Austria.

Student in class at the Dickinson Center, 1994

A student sits near a window and listens during a class at the Dickinson Center in Bologna.


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