Global Education

Two students stand next to a phone-booth, c.1990

Laura Cohn (left) and Alicia Fries '90 take a picture next to an iconic phone-booth in England.

University of East Anglia Campus, 1995

Students hanging out on University of East Anglia's campus in October 1995.

Via Indipendenza in Bologna, 1996

View of Via Indipendenza, which is the main street in Bologna.

View from the Asinelli Tower, 1996

View of Bologna from the Asinelli Tower in 1996.

View of Bologna, 1996

View of Bologna, Italy in 1996. 

View of Garisenda Tower, 1996

View of the Garisenda Tower from the Asinelli Tower in Bologna.

Waiting in Bologna, 1996

A woman waits on a sidewalk in Bologna in 1996.

Wildlife, c.1993

A student laughs as a monkey sits atop her shoulders.


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