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Festival in Bologna, 1996

A group of individuals, most likely Bologna residents, dress up to participate in a festival in 1996.

Flamenco style, 1988

Karen Coppinger and Betsy Buxton dress up during spring 1988 semester in Malaga, Spain.

Fontana di Nettuno, 1994

Students take a picture on the Fontana di Nettuno, the Fountain of Neptune, in Bologna in April 1994.

Four students and a bridge, c.1993

Four students pose during their study abroad program in Toulouse, France.

Left to Right: Della Zurich ; Christina Perkins ; Emily E. Schrader ; Michael A. Matro

Four students at the Piazza Maggiore, 1996

Four students walk through the Piazza Maggiore in 1996 with the Italian flag in the background.

Four students in Bologna, 1996

Four students sit in an alcove and talk in Bologna.

Four students in Norwich, 1995

Four students stand in a group and talk on a sidewalk in Norwich in October 1995. 

Freshly made pasta, 1996

Four selections of freshly made pasta, including tagliatelle, which Bologna is best known for.

Friends and baguettes, c.1993

Three students smile while holding bread at the Dickinson Center in Toulouse, France.

Left to Right: Nancy Richardson ; Della Zurich ; Emily E. Schrader

Friends in the mountains, c.1994

Five students pose for the camera in the mountains. 

Friends on a bench, c.1993

Three friends sit together and smile during their study abroad program in Toulouse, France.

Left to Right: Nancy Richardson ; Emily Schrader ; Della Zurich

Friends on the water, c.1996

Four female students sit at the river Thames.

Friends sit on a bench, c.1993

Five girls sit on a bench and smile.

Second from Left: Liza Inzone ('93)

Far Right: Sukanya Krishnan ('93)

Friends take a picture, c.1990

Four friends take a picture while standing on a cobble stone street.

Fruit at the Norwich Market, 1995

Several students buy fruit at the Norwich Market in October 1995.

Gibraltar, c.1993

A macaque sits on Chris Basse's shoulders and holds onto his hair. Basse is in Gibraltar.

Girls Abroad, c.1994

Two girls pose while studying abroad.

Group photo in Italy, 1986

Members of the Class of 1987 take a group photo during their junior year abroad, possibly during a class trip to south-central Italy in spring 1986. A large group of students pose for a photo on a sunny day.

Front row: Michelle Keene (from Swarthmore College) ; Sallie Bolton ;...

Guildhall and Town Hall in Norwich, 1995

A student delivers a presentation outside the Guildhall and Town Hall in Norwich in October 1995.

John G. Henson, c.2000

John Henson, Professor of Biology and director of Dickinson's Norwich science program, poses on the campus of the University of East Anglia.

Interior of a palace in Bologna, 1996

View of the interior of a palace in Bologna.

Faculty and Students, International Studies, 1949

A group of international students during the 1948-1949 academic year. Math Professor Frank Ayres (left) and President William Edel are sitting on the bench.

International students attend UN Day, 1964

Several international students attend the United Nations Day observance ceremonies at the Carlisle Barracks on October 22, 1964. The events include an awards presentation on the Old Parade ground and a social hour at the Officers Mess. The students attend as guests of Major General Eugene A....

Ellen Laird in Bologna, 2001

Ellen Laird sits at a cafe in Bologna in 2001. 

Motorcycles and scooters, 1996

View of motorcycles and scooters that are parked outside a building in Bologna in 1996.


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