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Motorcyclist in Bologna, 1996

A motorcyclist rides through the outskirts of Bologna in 1996.

Mountain view, c.1993

Three students on a hike in the mountains.

The Mustard Shop in Norwich, 1995

Several students stand outside the Mustard Shop in Norwich in October 1995.

Norfolk Broads, 1995

View of a lake that is part of the Norfolk Broads in October 1995.

Norwich Cathedral, 1995

View of Norwich Cathedral in October 1995.

Norwich Cathedral at sunset, 1995

View of the Norwich Cathedral at sunset in October 1995.

Norwich Market, 1995

View of a market and the Guildhall in Norwich in October 1995.

Norwich Market stalls, 1995

Several students look at items on display in stalls at the Norwich Market in October 1995.

Norwich program students at the London Tube, 1996

Students Debbie Henneberry and Holly Benton examine a map of the London Tube during the Norwich program orientation in London, fall 1996.  They are standing outside the Trafalgar Square Underground Station.

Norwich program visit to Norwich Cathedral, 1995

Students on the Norwich program gather in the cloister of Norwich Cathedral in fall 1995.

Norwich program visit to the Royal Arcade, 1995

Students on the Norwich Program gather around Professor Todd A. Wronski while visiting the "Royal Arcade" in October 1995. The Arcade is located in the center of the city, and is one of Norwich's many shopping venues.

Norwich Royal Arcade, 1995

View inside the Norwich Royal Arcade in October 1995.

Norwich Train Station, 1995

A Dickinson student walks into the Norwich Train Station in October 1995.

Old Riverway in Bologna, 1996

View of an old riverway in Bologna in 1996.

On the water, c.1989

Two students ride in a gondola during their study abroad experience.

Professor Clarissa Pagni, 1994

Professor Clarissa Pagni, on right, takes a picture with another professor in Bologna in 1994. 

Pair gets silly in Italy, c.1986

A pair of students studying abroad, one in Beta Theta Pi letters, take a silly photo in Italy.

Pair meets new friend, c.1986

A pair of students studying abroad pose with a green bird and big sombreros in Spain

Pediment in Bologna, 1996

View of a pediment on a building in Bologna in 1996.

Piazza Maggiore, 1999

View of Piazza Maggiore and the Neptune Fountain in Bologna in 1999.

Picture with a snake, c.1993

Tania Miller Conte (class of 1993) poses with a snake while on an overseas trip .

Portici in Bologna, 1996

View of the portici, the arches, in a building located in Bologna.

Professor Todd Wronski, 1995

Professor Todd Wronski as Director of the Norwich program in October 1995.

Professor Wronski with students in Norwich, 1995

Professor Todd Wronski walks through Norwich with a group of students in October 1995.

Pyramid in South America, c.1986

A group of students studying abroad pose in front of a pyramid in South America.


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