Smith, Roger

Football Team, 1959

The football team of 1959 poses for a group picture.

First row: Charles B. Zwally, John J. Quirk, Alexander T. Collins, R. Barclay Surrick, Joseph D. DiBlasio, Robert A. Worthington, Robert W. Crawford, J. David Morrissey, J. Michael Morrissey, Durbin L. Wagner


Football Team, 1960

The 1960 football team poses for a group shot.

First row: Jan P. Skladany, Robert L. McNutt, Thomas L. Bauer, Roger M. Smith, Allan L. Fluke, John J. Quirk, J. Michael Morrissey

Second row: Joseph F. Lipinski (Jr.), Maurice B. "Barney" Field, Robert S. Harlowe,...

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