STUDS Magazine [November] 2008 Cover
circa June 2007 to April 2010

STUDS Magazine was created by Lindsay Snowden and Shaashawn Dial in 2007 as a place to showcase cloths made by and for masculine identifying women and celebrate these “handsomely beautiful women.” STUDS ran from 2007 – 2010.


Collection: LGBT-032 - Snowden


Organizations: STUDS Magazine

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Lily White and Company "Tips for Success" - undated

Tips on how to fundraise successfully created by Lily White and C0mpany. Suggestions include: Dinner/Theater Shows, Favorite Bartender Contests, Lily Bucks, Program Booklets, Underwriter and Patron Seating, and Brochures. 

Miss Lily's Coloring and Activity Book - undated

Activity and coloring book created by Lily White and Company. Includes pictures to color, puzzles, and crafting activies.

Altland's Ranch Ticket - undated

Altland’s Ranch was the first official LGBTQ+ bar in the York area, and was the longest running LGBTQ+ bar in the county. It was known for hosting drag balls, discos, and particularly Halloween parties. Altland’s Ranch closed in...

Collection: LGBT-084 - Altland's Ranch



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Pink Triangle Coalition Logo - circa 1991

The Pink Triangle Coalition was created in 1991 as a non-religious, LGBTQ+ civil rights advocacy and social organization in the City of Lancaster. The Coalition was instrumental in getting sexual orientation non-discrimination protection added to...


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