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Letter to Susquehanna Valley Gays United (SVGU) from Sam Deetz - November 11, 1975
November 11, 1975

The Pennsylvania Governor’s Council for Sexual Minorites was an officially appointed advisory committee created by Governor Milton J. Shapp in 1976. Governor Shapp, by executive order, declared that all executive branch offices and services were...

Letter to Susquehanna Valley Gay Organization (SVGU) from Sam Deetz - November 27, 1975
November 27, 1975

Letter from Sam Deetz to members of the Susquehanna Valley Gay Organization (SVGU) about Gay Lobby Day planning.

PA Rural Gay Caucus Report - August 1976
August 1976

The Pennsylvania Rural Gay Caucus is an association of interested individuals and groups, formed with the objective of promulgating the concerns and freedoms of gay people and all sexual minorities. The newsletter was used as outreach to the...

Civils Rights March in Harrisburg, PA - circa 1977
circa 1977

Civil Rights March in Harrisburg, PA, late 1970s. Photo by Bari Weaver.

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Sam Deetz
October 27, 2013

Samuel Deetz was born in Quakertown (Pennsylvania), in 1951, on April 21 and was one of eight children. Sam’s father became a minister, which allowed his family to move from place to place over Sam’s young life. Sam’s family...

Dan Maneval
July 24, 2015

Daniel Maneval was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania on October 3, 1947. In this interview, Daniel speaks frankly about his experiences growing up as an only child, about the homophobic violence he has experienced, and the gay organizations he...

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Sam Edmiston was born on July 17, 1945 in Middleburg, PA. In the April of 1963, Edmiston enrolled in the US Navy, and three weeks after his graduation, went to the Keel United States Naval Training Center in Great Lakes, Illinois for recruitment...

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